The ash cloud crisis is back in the UK as volcanic ash continues to head our way from Iceland and coach companies are making the most of the panic setting in amongst airlines and passengers alike.

Blue Ribbon Network has been working closely with a 5 star airline in transporting passengers scheduled to land in Glasgow, who have been diverted to Manchester.

Operations Director, Matt Hanson said “My mobile has not stopped ringing since yesterday afternoon (23rd May), with requests coming in from both the UK and overseas in a bid to find a solution.  We have been working with airlines to resolve diversion issues and to date have supplied over 50 coaches in the past 24 hours.  One of the most concerned callers was a lady getting married in Lake Como over the weekend and not leaving anything to chance, wanted all of her guests transporting as soon as possible out to the resort so that they didn’t miss her big day!”

Last year, the whole country suffered as a result of the ash cloud but Hanson feels that this time round the impact will not be as severe or as prolonged.  He continued “I think lessons were learned from last years fiasco.  I am keeping a very close eye on the situation but don’t expect the problems that travellers experienced last time.   The financial impact on airlines last year was horrendous and they will be fighting tooth and nail to avoid any major disruption to schedules.  Ryan Air already claim to have flown through the thickest part of the ash cloud and found nothing untoward on it’s post flight inspection.  It will certainly be an interesting few days with the uncertainty that such a problem brings but coach operators up and down the land will certainly not be complaining if this continues….”


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